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Welcome Dr. Jason Phillips with Precision Chiro Clinics to

Phillips Family Medical!

Dr. Jason Phillips with Precision Chiro Clinics has opened a new location inside Phillips Family Medical!


Dr. Phillips is a new breed in PAIN FREE Chiropractic Medicine! No popping or snapping, just gentle chiropractic care!


Dr. Phillips has specialized training in Upper Cervical Orthogonal.  The spinal misalignment at the top part of the neck often affects the entire body. An upper cervical misalignment can cause irritation to the brainstem and spinal cord, leading to interference to the nervous system at its most sensitive area. Irritation to this area of the nervous system can impact respiratory function, balance, hearing, vision, and organ function throughout the body. By adjusting this area, we can bring relief of many common ailments without the use of medication or surgery. These adjustments are not strictly for people experiencing pain.

For more infromation, click HERE.

    NEW Allergy & Immunotherapy Program at Home!

Allergies. . . sneezing, runny nose, itchy-watery eyes, migraine headaches, asthma.  Texas is the "buckle" of the allergy belt!  While some people have minor symtoms that can be taken care of with the occasional antihistamine, some people have symtoms year round.  In those cases allergy testing and immunotherapy can permanently desensitize you from your allergies!


Phillips Family Medical has state-of-the art allergy testing and immunotherapy that allows you to get your treatment at home so there is no missed work! Click here for more details!

     Fat Dissolving Lipo Laser & Weight Loss Program

The non-invasive Lipo Laser technology used by Phillips Family Medical has been validated by physicians and is FDA approved. This innovative treatment can effectively improve your body contour and reduce cellulite.

This method targets tissue and cells through photobiological and photochemical effects, instead of heat development. For questions or discount prices click here.

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