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Hormone Pellet Therapy is not covered by insurance, however we have financing available!

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Bio-identical hormones have the same chemical structure as hormones produced in the human body. There have been many studies demonstrating their safety. At this time, with the ready availability of bio-identical hormones, there is no reason to use non-human formulations. There is a track record of benefit and safety for women taking controlled doses of these hormones, in carefully selected formulations, under medical supervision. Horse hormones and progestins for hormone replacement should become obsolete. Patient demand will make this happen.

Hormone Replacement Benefits for Women

  • Helps eliminate or reduce hot flashes

  • Reduces risks of heart disease

  • Accelerates fat burning / increased weight loss

  • Reduces night sweats and insomnia

  • Enhances sex drive and libido

  • Protects against fibrocystic breasts Helps improve memory and concentration

  • Prevents vaginal thinning & dryness

  • Increases energy & reduces depression

  • Improves the skin’s elasticity Protects bones from osteoporosis

  • Encourages bone growth

Hormone Replacement Benefits for Men

  • Increases muscle tone

  • Improves sexual libido & performance

  • Increases energy and reduces depression

  • Improves memory & concentration

  • Reduces sleep disturbances

  • Protects against Heart Disease

  • Encourages bone growth

  • Improves blood flow



You can 100% Finance your Hormone Pellet Treatment a Year at a Time with United Medical Credit - Click for Details

In my mid 40’s I noticed I was tired all of the time. My body ached and it was hard to get out of bed. I had lost my sex drive, and began gaining weight around my midsection. After work I would go home and sit in my recliner until bedtime. I went to the doctor and was diagnosed with low testosterone. I tried the creams and weekly shots, but they either didn't seem to help or were just an ongoing hassle. Finally I discovered testosterone pellets! It took 15 minutes in the clinic and I was all set for the next 4-5 months with a constant level of testosterone. What a difference these pellets have made in my life! No aches or pain, and I have energy to exercise again!


- Ben P.  

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