Aesthetics services offered in South Dallas near Charlton Methodist Hospital District, DeSoto, TX


Aesthetic care offers face and body rejuvenation without needing invasive treatments or cosmetic surgery. At Phillips Family Medical, Pamela Phillips, PhD, FNP-C, and her team provide nonsurgical body contouring with laser liposuction and pharmaceutical-grade skin care in the DeSoto, Texas, office. Located conveniently near Methodist Charlton Medical Center, you can get the care you need to feel and look your best. To learn more about their aesthetic services, call the office or book an in-person or telehealth appointment online today. 

Aesthetics Q & A

What is aesthetics?

Aesthetics is a type of health, wellness, and medical care that helps enhance your appearance and boost your personal satisfaction levels. Phillips Family Medical offers non-invasive and nonsurgical aesthetic care to help patients reach their personal face and body goals. 

What are some aesthetics available?

Aesthetics is a broad field with many treatment options. Two popular approaches available at Phillips Family Medical are: 

Pharmaceutical-grade skin care

Phillips Family Medical offers SkinMedica®, a line of science-based skin care products that help rejuvenate skin. SkinMedica has an extensive array of moisturizers, facial cleansers, sunscreens, brighteners, targeted treatments for conditions like acne, and other products. 

The products are highly customizable for skin type and specific skin concerns, so if you’re looking for help with sagging skin, fine lines, blemishes, hyperpigmentation, or aging in general, SkinMedica products can help you achieve your goals using the highest quality ingredients. 

Nonsurgical body contouring

If you’re in the weight loss management program and love your results, nonsurgical laser liposuction can help you love your look even more. This laser treatment is ideal for trouble spots where weight tends to linger, like the abdomen, thighs, arms, and chin. 

Nonsurgical laser liposuction is a “cold” laser that uses low-level laser light to painlessly travel through the skin and target the fat cells below. The laser light forces the fat cells to release their contents (triglycerides, free fatty acids, and water). This instantly shrinks the fat cells and leads to slimming in the treatment area. 

After treatment, it stimulates the metabolism and increases circulation to help you eliminate fat even faster. Dissolved fat cell contents flush out of your body through normal elimination processes over time. 

With these aesthetics approaches, you can enhance your face and body with no invasive treatments or downtime. 

How many aesthetic sessions will I need to get results?

With consistent use of SkinMedica products, you can see visible results in as little as two weeks*. Continued use can help you maintain youthful skin long-term. 

It takes about eight sessions to achieve significant results with nonsurgical laser liposuction*. You generally have two sessions per week until reaching your goals. The team helps you get the best results from treatment, typically through a low-carb diet and drinking plenty of water. 

To learn more about your aesthetic options, call Phillips Family Medical or book an appointment online today.