Geriatric Care

Geriatric Care services offered in South Dallas near Charlton Methodist Hospital District, DeSoto, TX

Geriatric Care

Geriatric care at Phillips Family Medical offers empathetic and high-quality care to older adults. In the DeSoto, Texas, office, near Methodist Charlton Medical Center, caring family nurse practitioner Pamela Phillips, PhD, FNP-C, and her team provide comprehensive geriatric care to guide men and women through their senior years with good health. Call the office or book an in-person or telehealth appointment online today. 

Geriatric Care Q & A

What is geriatric care?

Geriatric care is medical care for aging patients. Your body goes through many changes as you age. Geriatric care supports you as you experience those shifts. In addition, age is a risk factor for many conditions, including:

  • Osteoporosis
  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder 
  • Cognitive decline and dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Depression
  • Cancer
  • Pneumonia
  • Flu

Geriatric care is attuned to these risks and designed to help you thrive as you age.

What does geriatric care include?

Geriatric care is comprehensive medical care at Phillips Family Medical. Some of the main aspects of your geriatric care are:

Wellness exams

Wellness exams focus on whole-person health. The team checks your blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar, and other facets of your health. They also review your current medications to make sure they work together without causing side effects.  

You’ll have screening tests tailored to your age, sex, medical history, and risk factors. For example, older adults need an osteoporosis test (bone scan). 

If you have symptoms, such as breathing difficulties, balance issues, memory problems, or any other new symptoms, your wellness exam is a good time to discuss them with the team and get personalized guidance.

Condition management

The Phillips Family Medical team provides ongoing management of most chronic health issues in older adults. 

Weight loss management, diabetes care, high blood pressure management, mental health support, and management of all physical, mental, and behavioral conditions in older adults are available.

The team can work alongside your health specialists, such as your cardiologist or endocrinologist, to ensure you have the best medical care possible.  

What can I expect with geriatric care?

Geriatric care is more specialized and case-specific than it once was. As recently as a few decades ago, geriatric care was geared more towards slowing your life down. Today, geriatric care is changing to meet the needs of a diverse range of seniors. 

The Phillips Family Medical team understands that you want to be active, healthy, and enjoy the same vibrant life that you did in your younger years. You’ll get the individualized care you need to meet your goals and be healthy as you do so.

For excellent geriatric care with a compassionate approach, call Phillips Family Medical or book an appointment online today.